Doc. RNDr. František Rublík, PhD.

Independent scientific worker IIa

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In 1970 he finished his study at the Faculty of Science of Comenius University in Bratislava in specialization mathematical statistics probability theory and became an employee of the Institute of Measurement Science of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava. In 1973 he received the degree RNDr at the Comenius University in specialization probability theory and mathematical statistics.

He absolved postgraduate study at the Institute of Information and Automation of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic in Prague and the degree CSc(PhD) he received in 1977.

In a large part of his research activities he dealt with the maximum likelihood principle with emphasis on its asymptotic properties from the testing point of view (optimality, parameters of non-centrality in general case, also for the Behrens-Fisher problem). Later his research focused on nonparametric statistical methods (tests based on ranks) and also on properties of multivariate measures of location and spread.

He published also works on L-estimates, goodness-of-fit tests and characteristic roots of covariance matrices.

During his pedagogical activities at the Comenius University he delivered lectures on nonparametric methods and probability theory.

The most important publications

Rublík, F.: On jackknifing the symmetrized Tyler matrix. Statistics 55(2021), 195–230.

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